Hemifacial Spasm

Hemifacial spasm is a rare neuromuscular condition where involuntary muscle spasms happen on one side of the face. The condition can be caused by irritation of the facial nerve from a structure or abnormality in the brain, or rare causes can be infections or stroke.  Sometimes there is no identified cause.


Spasms can develop gradually and symptoms can be worse when the person is tired, rundown and stressed. The twitching can range from being an inconvenience to causing embarrassment and can disfigure the face and impair facial movement and sight.

Diagnosis and treatment options

To diagnose hemifacial spasm, Dr Tollesson will evaluate your medical history, signs and symptoms, and do a physical and neurological examination. We will also suggest diagnostic tests to examine the affected side of the face and find possible causes and rule out the presence of abnormalities such as tumours and conditions such as multiple sclerosis.


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