Nerve Tumours / Schwannoma

A schwannoma is the abnormal growth of the Schwann cells that line and insulate nerves. It is usually benign and rarely spreads to other tissues and organs, but malignant schwannomas that spread are called neurofibrosarcomas or malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumours. These cancers can occur anywhere in the body but most commonly grow in the network of nerves in the lower back, legs, arms and those that control hearing.


Schwannomas affect the area around the nerve. Symptoms include swelling on the face with or without pain, ringing in the ears or hearing loss, loss of balance and coordination, and pain, soreness or lumps in the arms or legs.

Diagnosis and Treatment Options

To diagnose schwannomas Dr Tollesson will assess your medical history, signs and symptoms, and do a physical and neurological examination. Your muscle strength, and reflexes will be tested. Diagnostic tests are recommended. A biopsy of the tumour tissue sample might be needed for analysis.

Treatment for malignant tumours includes surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy or a combination of treatments to kill the cancerous cells and stop them from recurring.


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