Ulnar Nerve Decompression

The ulnar nerve is in the elbow. It can become compressed by being trapped by bone and muscle or through accident or injury.


Compression of the ulnar nerve can cause pain, tingling and numbness in the hand and pain in the elbow and forearm.

Diagnosis and Treatment Options

To diagnose ulnar nerve compression Dr Tollesson will evaluate your medical history, signs and symptoms, and do a physical and neurological examination. Such as testing your muscle strength, and reflexes. Diagnostic tests may also be recommended.

Pain medication and anti-inflammatory tablets can often help to ease symptoms. Physiotherapy may also be helpful. The symptoms can also be managed by avoiding arm positions that cause problems and adjusting posture where possible. For example, taking breaks from work tasks or driving, or changing sleeping positions if this causes problems.

For those with persistent pain and where other treatments fail, ulnar nerve decompression is an operation that can ease the symptoms. A long incision at the back of the elbow is made and the ulnar nerve is released from tissue, muscle or bone that is trapping it. The nerve is placed back in its proper track. If this is damaged, the surgeon will create a new tunnel for it.


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